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  Ethics Compliance Principal

The Executive Team at Verasoft has appointed Violeta Davidkova as Principal of Ethics Compliance. In this role, she will have responsibility and oversight into the companies' operations ensuring that the Verasoft core principles (as follows), are adhered to.

We are respectful to, and passionate about, the success of our customers. Individual differences are understood and appreciated. Employees are expected to perform at a high level, with a strong sense of making the company a better and more profitable entity while also maintaining a leadership role in the local communities where we conduct our business. The integrity of the organization, and the maintenance of our overall brand, is never to be compromised. Employees are empowered to make decisions that are in the best interest of the organization as a whole.

The Principal of Ethics Compliance will be responsible for extensive surveying of both our customers and employees on a selective annual basis, and reporting their findings to the Verasoft Executive Board. Any and all incidences from customers and employees can be reported directly to the Principal of Ethics Compliance, who will then be responsible for the investigation of, and the submission of a report, to the Board.

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