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  Employee Program Specifics

One way we can make a significant impact is by driving the corporate philosophies of our commitment to sustainability down into our employee base. Some highlights of this program are as follows:

  • Strongly encourage tele-commuting, car-pooling, and four-day work weeks, where possible.

  • Create flexible work schedules that allow our employees the opportunity to avoid heavy traffic flow, a major contributor to increased emissions.

  • Provide a $100 bonus check to any employee that purchases energy efficient electric or hybrid automobiles.

  • Offer a $5,000 check annually to the Verasoft employee who shows the greatest personal commitment toward global green initiatives through an essay/interview process.

  • Reward the employees that choose to ride to work on bicycles with a free Verasoft rain gear outfit and bicycle bags.

  • Ensure that all company owned employee laptops, desktops and servers are configured to meet the optimal energy efficiency standards as defined by the manufacturer.

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