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  The Verasoft Comprehensive Global Responsibility Initiative

The team at Verasoft is proud of our Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility initiative- en-vera.org

Over the past few decades, high-tech firms have become one of the leading sources of harmful greenhouse gases due to the rise in overall energy consumption from computers and related systems. The executive team at Verasoft recognizes the challenge this poses for current and future generations.

Operating as a multi-national firm, we impact significantly the communities in which we conduct our business. We therefore have introduced Human Resource policies that ensure we adhere to the highest employment standards by offering fair compensation and outstanding work environments.

Verasoft has already joined up with tech titans- Dell, Google, Microsoft , Yahoo and Intel to name a few, in the Climate Savers Smart Computing global program. Our primary role in supporting this initiative is to ensure the widespread deployment of power-management tools and to pledge to purchase more energy-efficient systems in the future. All of the equipment we promote at this time to our clients meets the Energy Star 4.0 qualification guidelines, leading to significantly fewer greenhouse gases.

For more information about what the Verasoft team is doing in this regard, please select an area of interest from the topics on the left.

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